Monday, July 18, 2011

Yucca Tap Room

Flaco is playing

at the Yucca tonight 
Old Beer
float past
Young blades from
Durango stare back hard
Taco hats and pointy toed boots
listening to our bard
Pants so tight
hot thoughts forming
on brow
Gonna be a...
knife fight tonight
But Flaco is playing
the room
is jumping
Shaking to rhythm's
no good girl should know
fill the floor
Cerveza flow
the young lads tempers grow
Gonna be a knife fight tonight
 But Flaco is playing
Yucca room is slamming
Then with a quick shout!
los vaqueros are slicing
stabbing their way out
The blood flows
tears are shed
while the music slows
Sawdust thrown to the floor
while combatants are shown
the door
 Hi ya!
Flaco gives a shout!
Lets turn this place inside out!
And the Yucca
spins once more to
Tejanos dancing
on the floor.

DS Baker

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