Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Devil

Fire Blooms where my gaze lingers
Smoking Asphalt marks my tread

I smoke dinosaur bones in my pipe
Its petrochemical stench covers the land

I turned the destroyer of worlds into a cowboy
Avatars and Demons my friends

Cut me and I bleed green acid
Run from me you cannot, deny me you can't

I speak to your from shadows and flame
Eyeless sockets covered by Raybans

Tombstones make my teeth
Rattlesnakes cover my head

My skin has turned black
Covered in ash blood and smoke

Midnight crossroads my haunt
Blasted, played out, oil fields my home

I make women weep and wail
step out of line and I will scourge you

Jesus' thorns make my flail
I will hunt thee, with root, rock, horn and tail

Eye that man on the corner smoking a ciggarette
Mustard gas breath covers the stench of a killing ground

Souls are my meat and fodder
I will place my hooves upon your neck and sup from your inner feast

Death, Evil, Corruption, Politics, Cancer, Toxic Waste,Aamon, Oil smoke, SIDS, Devil, Baal, AIDS, Cruelty, Intolerance, The Beast, Skin Walker, Windigo, Old Scratch.

These names and more I have worn proudly
Let me visit you and be named anew

Suffer not my laughter, Strike out at me from hell's Gibbet
Let me revel in your agonies

Think on that promotion, lover, power, money, sensory revels, sexual deviance,
that so cheaply, enticed you to give away what can't be bought

Think on me when you think you have sympathy for me
Feel my pity as the mill stones crush your bones

When you are used up and nothing much is left,
I will make a sack of your skin and string your fingers around my neck.
I sit in the dark and smoke dinosaur bones
Brimstone's stench and fire mark my passage

Burning asphalt echo's the tread of my hooves
Young Poets and foolish politicians are my companions

Think on me and shudder...
Jack 'O the Shadows has passed you by
DS Baker

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