Friday, July 22, 2011

"Workingman's Blues"

I rise before dawn
My boots have steel toes
With sore feet
At the end of the day
Working in all kinds of weather
Permanent tan
Scarred hands
Making things people need
I rise before dawn
Noble of purpose
Yet badly paid
Filth beneath most heels
Heels crossing the thresholds
Of something I created
Coffee mornings
Gatorade afternoons
Mark my passage
Through a day's labors
Worlds made manifest by
My Sweat & Blood
Worlds that are shut to
Those who built them
I rise before dawn
Lacking in social graces
Ill educated
Building cathederals of steel
I create buildings
Where you go at night to hide
I slay wizards of entropy
Bend steel
Create living rock
Make light shine in the dark
I rise before dawn
Wearing steel toed boots
With sore feet inside.
DS Baker

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