Sunday, July 24, 2011


Stroked out
My mind wants to
Start every poem  or sentence
With the
Word dancing

Dancing away from or
To something either case
Sensitive illusive

Illusive my impression of Christopher Walken
Slipping past my inner monologue
Replaced by his voice inside
My head

Head waters of thought rush past lips
Now I issue his utterances with atonal
Notes staggered

Constipated-"I wore this... Damned uncomfortable
Watch! Up my ass...! For three years, so that... Those
Damned Gooks! wouldn't get... Their filthy hands! On it..."

It staggers me this patter of Tarantino dialogue
Blackest Anti-PC humor

Humour at another's expense
Separating men from beasts

Beasts who write
No poetry except...
Artistry in
Their many ways
Of killing

Killing is one thing our furry brethren
Still share with us but they lack
Healing compassion

Medicine which keeps my mind
Alive with ground faults snapping
Black snake moaning

Biting at barbwire wrapped inside
Cerebral cortex  twisting trapped
Inside moebius strip

Panting like dogs shedding heat
Mind locked into deliberate steps
Escaping my
Dislocation by


DS Baker

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