Friday, July 22, 2011

"Minstrels Dream"

Suspended in surrealistic paintings
Cobalt blue sphere surrounds me

Geo-synchronous orbiting goats, play instruments
As love songs are sung by penciled mermaids

Peripheral hints of maternal kindness, baby being washed
Gypsies clapping time to twelve string guitars

Sanguineous burgundy wines, flow in torpid torrents
Crucifixion photographed in silver, green-black tones

Faces of love lift up my soul
My hand stretching toward god's countenance.

St. Michael's fiery sword lights blue heavens
Searing my eyes with his passion

Time melts, begins to twist back upon itself
Stallions chase doves across sunlit plains

Water Lilies on a French stream soften, dots of light
Pigments, creating worlds of color

Indistinct images flow across my vision
Details filled by cerebral camera obscura

Puppy breath in the harvest time of leaves
Backward rivers now flow through memory

Snow swirls around street light halos
Cedar smoke gives depth to blizzard

Once more muscle tremors of love, call my name
Tunnel lighting illuminates cavernous green rooms

Pulled through canvas of experience, of life, captured in paint...
I am born anew... wet...dripping in anticipation of my history to come.


DS Baker

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