Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Manners of Remorse"

What can replace those
Who are lost

Through hate

Or simple

How do you
Square things

Not said
Harsh words morphing
Into a potential darkness

What do you do to take gutting
Pain away from those who suffer

What exactly are the correct manners of remorse
I have seen crepe bunting hanging from window pane
Seen loving hands still Grandfather clock upon the minute

Imagining our world stoping for just a moment
As the enormity of loss impacted across all

But those are just my imaginings or does
Death stalks us all in each breath

He shook the rattle above your
Baby bascinet

He was in the delivery room when your lovely
Child was born

Never make a mockery of his presence
Or of his purpose

Treat him like a long absent gentleman
With kindness and manners

Maybe just maybe
He will treat you in a similar fashion

Doffing his hat as
He next calls
Upon you


DS Baker

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