Friday, July 29, 2011

"The First She"

You I remember still
That first day
In a video store

Odyssey Records
Grand Dame of
Le Boulevard

Wearing chestnut hair
Round rimmed glasses

Big eyes
Prominent features not harsh
Like Mont Blanc

Wearing your fathers
White t-shirt underneath
Black/White summer dress

High top Keds
Hand laced red shoes
Your rubber ballet slippers

Black ceramic skull
Hung from swan neck
Grinning between your breasts

I carried with
Me for days
Your perfume

A week of your eyes
In three hours
Kept me thinking

I blushed
Enjoying your mind
Talking all afternoon

As hard as any I suppose
Falling into you
I did

Fortune favors the bold
As your graceful hands
caught me

Keeping me from
Dashing myself to a
Thousand tiny mirrors

For the better part of
Three years I loved
and was loved

Thank You


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