Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Tower"

Six foot frame
with little girl voice

She is a tower
of rage

Silently screaming  protest
against her pain

A woman not destined
for a size six world

Does anyone see the real person...

Pagan symbols painted in
Alabaster skin

Strength of character
tattoo pigment deep

Dresden porcelain doll
Ms Melissa with lips in lovers bow

Beneath mortuary make up
china glaze spider webbed

Customers view not the Tower shattering...

Autonomic response
to yet another shopper

Almost-dead doll eyes
plead for recognition

Perfunctory greeting
silent tears

Does anyone stop to wonder
Why must a full grown woman
talk like a
Why would she
willingly cover her body in
Why doesn't anyone stop to ask
Are you OK?
Or has her private pain
abated enough so
her public
cutting of
her arm
has stopped?

But this is a Walmart tale...

No time to stop
ask about
show concern
customers backed up
four deep

The Tower turns and says,

Holding herself erect
with the tensile strength
of a soap


DS Baker


  1. "with the tensile strength of a soap bubble"
    what a very descriptive few words you have here.

    How many girls like this do we see in our lives?
    Even free verse should have some kind of flow to it. I am not finding it here.
    The wording, all the right words but,I feel like it has hiccups

    "against everything" I would find another word for everything (perhaps all)

    perhaps does no one see a person at all ( but then take the first all out.

    or can none see the real person alone

  2. Thanks Chrys. I have taken your advice and the advice of others. It feels better. The flow is smoother. I still have one spot in need of sanding down.

    DS Baker

  3. She's not that tall, but I know someone who could relate to this; the victim of her perverted father's attention, still trying to heal.