Monday, July 6, 2015

"Harbinger Blues."

I see conquerors building again

using liquid bones from past empires

Oklahoma dancing the frakulation jig

as the band plays on

Buffalo cry in rivers of gasoline

ghost dancers have given up the ghost

Empty calories fill voided souls

watching pro wrestling

Beyond tired of others desires

eating fear with my meals

I've given my guns to a lake of fire

walked away clean

I will shake hands

of he who will take my breath away

Got those harbinger blues

black birds are circling me

Voices are whispering my name 

as I fall asleep

Dreaming my soul is a shredded plastic bag

caught in tumbleweeds

Leaving eternal confetti in each bounce

seeds of thought in non-biodegradable plastic sheaths

Black birds circle 

gas fires burning brighter than the Sun

Tell me how to get rid of these

Harbinger Blues...

-DS Baker